Hiiiiiii, I'm Rachel Davis!

I am 27 years old & live in the gorgeous state of Washington. I am a fake redhead, a pisces, and I have 3 bunnies named Boots, Freckles, and Daisy. I have a hot ass roommate named Paul & he is also my boyfriend of going on 6 years. I love eating (food and trying new restaurants is my fav thing in the world), halloween is my fav holiday, fall is my fav season, movies/shows (it would be weird if I went a day without), and staying in new airbnbs + traveling (nothing is more thrilling).

I have been a photographer for over half my life. I picked up a camera around the age of 12 and have been addicted to it ever since. There will never be a world where I am not a photographer. It is apart of who I am and I am so grateful for it.

Making humans feel good and support them in their own unique journeys + goals is quite literally in my DNA. Specifically, uplifting women and supporting women owned small businesses is something that not only comes effortlessly to me but truly is something I wish I could do every single day. Empowering + being kind to all, are traits I have always naturally obtained and I truly couldn't have a better job to put those characteristics to good use. I want women to deeply love themselves, see their worth, and know how fucking POWERFUL they are. YOU are fucking magical & I am here to make you fully see + understand that. You are a badass, you are unstoppable, you are one of a kind, and no one could ever ever ever be you and that is YOUR power.